Monday, June 23, 2014

Now at Pageboy Boutique: Summer Collection 2014

After a longer-than-expected intermission while my family and I renovated our first home, a cozy, historic colonial in Pittsburgh's Northside, I'm delighted to report that my trusty old Morse sewing machine has once again been humming along, merrily!

Stop by Pageboy Boutique in Pittsburgh to check out the latest Iron City Upcyclery collection, freshly delivered just in time for your effervescent summer outings. In this new batch, I've striven to capture the magic of the season with light hues, soft fabrics and whimsical details; you'll find both women's and men's garments in a variety of sizes and styles ranging from folksy and casual to polished and opulent. As always, each garment has been upcycled with integrity and dedicated craftsmanship, giving each piece a sustainable quality and unique flair. Sneak a peek at the collection below!

Wildflower Hombre Button-Up

White Magic Blouse

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