Friday, November 18, 2011

Confetti & Carnations Belted Dress

A little bit sweet, a little bit sassy: just leave it to a moon-ruled Cancerian to whip up a dress that can handle multiple moods! :] I began this dress with a raw cut of some extremely rad vintage woven cotton fabric, printed with black and white "square waves" and peppered with rainbow-colored confetti bits. Since the fabric represented so much awesomeness, I wanted to design a nice and simple cut for the dress itself, hence the classic pullover shift-dress style. I accented the waistline with a matching belt made of the same fabric, cut on the bias. The navy blue seam binding on the neckline and cropped sleeves are the little details that pull the piece together, and since I had some left over, I also added a pair of miniature handmade fabric flowers, just for fun!

Confetti & Carnations Belted Dress will accomodate up to 40" in the chest and 40" at the waist. It is available for $98 at Mag-Big in Portland.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Iron City Upcyclery at Mag-Big in Portland!

"Portland artists and crafters have a new brick and mortar space to show (and sell) their wares ... a retail shop to highlight the truly awesome nature of the Portland art and craft community." - Handmade Portland
: : :

Great news, friends: I made my first delivery to Mag-Big boutique in Portland today! This means that now you can find Iron City Upcyclery handmade garments at this delightful local shop, which is chock full of wonderful handmade wares from over 300 Portland artisans. Check it out!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lots of News from the Sewing Front!

Warm autumn greetings, friends and fellow sewing enthusiasts! There is quite a bit to report from my own personal sewing front, so here's a post that's just dedicated to the goings-on of Iron City Upcyclery lately.

First of all, today marks the official U.S. release of The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook, featuring a fun little project by yours truly! This awesome how-to book promises to be a really great hands-on resource for people who want to teach themselves how to sew, especially those who are interested in learning to creatively alter commercial patterns into one-of-a-kind designs. The projects range from "easy" to "difficult," so there really is something for every sewist in there. I'm very excited to receive my copy, which is on its way to me as I type this. If you're curious about what my book project looks like, you can check out my old blog post about it! The book is available now at many independent bookstores in the craft/DIY section, or online through Indie Bound, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Check it out and get sewing!

The other big piece of news is that my family and I relocated over the summer from the Iron City (Pittsburgh) to the breathtakingly green forests of Cascadia (Portland, Oregon, to be exact!). This means that my home-based Iron City Upcyclery sewing studio is now operating on the West Coast, yes, but I'm remaining true to my roots (and my namesake) by continuing to offer new pieces at Pageboy Boutique in Pittsburgh each season, so if you're in the area, stop in there to see what the city's best locally-owned, environmentally-friendly, and incredibly fashion-savvy clothing boutique has to offer you!

So here we are, back in Oregon. As I reconfigure my home sewing space in our cheery little Portland apartment, I have been finding out about all kinds of great local sewing communities and resources for people like me. My favorite so far has been the open studio at PDX Seamsters, where I can sew without distractions while taking advantage of huge table spaces, multiple steam irons that are always ready to use, and a top-notch Pfaff sewing machine that runs on all cylinders. There are even bins of free vintage fabric scraps and used commercial patterns to dig through. A sewing nerd's dream!

As I continue to sew new pieces for my beloved venues in Pittsburgh (Pageboy) and Cincinnati (Fabricate), I am also keeping an eye out for an opportunity to offer my designs at a local shop in Portland. I'll keep everyone posted if this happens! Fingers crossed...

Enjoy the gorgeous autumn leaf colors wherever you might be, and thanks for visiting! Check back soon for photos of the first batch of dresses made here in my new home!