Monday, August 8, 2011

Bandana-Rama Dress

Fact is, I love bandanas. When I was little, I used to tie them to the end of a long stick and pretend that I was a traveling vagabond setting out upon a grand journey. I'd fill the bandana-knapsack with wildflowers and other treasures and imagine what kinds of epic adventures lie ahead. In reality I never quite achieved vagabond status, although I have certainly exercised my nomadic tendencies in my adulthood and also undertaken some pretty grand adventures. One thing, however, remains true: my affinity for the paisley print of a classic bandana, no matter the color, remains steadfast. When I recently spotted a vintage denim apron with red bandana seam binding on the bodice, it was nostalgia-stirring love at first sight! The tired apron needed an overhaul, though, so I sought out some sweet red cotton from which to make a skirt and then proceeded to cut and sew the apron into a simple dress bodice. And that, friends, is how Bandana-Rama Dress came into being!

Bandana-Rama Dress is a full-figure dress with a tie-back waist and a gathered full skirt. The sleeveless bodice features decorative red vintage buttons down the front and bandana-print seam binding and bow. The back of the dress has a 22" red zipper for comfort and ease. The dress fits up to a 40" bustline and waistline. Pair it with your favorite sandals for late-summer style, or with some tights, boots, and a cardigan this fall!

Bandana-Rama Dress is available for $64 at Fabricate Boutique in Cincinnati.

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