Thursday, June 9, 2011

Woodland Sprite Dress in Oak Brown and Tangerine

My friends are continually doing great things! This dress is the third one that I've had the pleasure of making lately for people in my life who are going through ceremonial rites of passage, one might say. Gillian's Dress and Rachel's Dress were both made for a very special wedding this past May, and this dress, a new version of my Woodland Sprite Dress, was made especially for my friend Myste who will be going through a commencement ceremony this weekend.

This version of the dress is similar in design to the original Woodland Sprite Dress, but with a different color palette (I love this new combination!), and this time I lined the entire piece with reclaimed fabrics: woven satin (for the bodice) and a sheer, silky dotted swiss (for the skirt), which should make it more comfortable and reduce the need for a slip. I also did something for this piece that I've been wanting to do for a long time: I taught myself how to make fabric-covered buttons! It is much easier than I thought! I'll be making lots more of those in the future, I think. The buttons on this dress are around the collar and serve the purpose of attaching the hood to the bodice, making it removable if desired. My husband describes this dress as "the Incredible String Band dress" -- which makes me smile from ear to ear! I could definitely see it...

. . .

I can't describe the great feeling of happiness and pride that fills my heart when I think of my friends wearing garments that I sewed with great love and good intention... specially-made for such wonderful milestone events!

Congratulations, dear friend Myste!
. . .

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