Friday, April 22, 2011

Gillian's Dress

This lovely folk dress is a recently-finished piece that I was commissioned to do for an upcoming wedding. The bridesmaid, Gillian, approached me with a question: If I bring you a muumuu with potential, can you turn it into something beautiful for me to wear in the ceremony? I was definitely intrigued, so I had Gillian bring over the vintage muumuu, and together we brainstormed a design that would breathe new life into the garment, which definitely had tons of potential! The muumuu was a stunning emerald color with mind-blowing floral embroidery details all over the front bodice yoke, front skirt, and back shoulders. However, the muumuu had absolutely no shape to it -- it was like a nightgown or a flour sack; you could just pull it over your head and lose yourself in miles and miles of formless cotton! So Gillian and I decided that it needed to lose the huge tube-shaped sleeves, lose a good eight inches in length, and gain a waistband and a sash. The results are amazing! This dress will be the perfect garment for Gillian to wear as a bridesmaid in her best friend's free-spirited wedding ceremony.

Gillian's Dress is, of course, not for sale, but is is a great example of what I can do for you if you have ideas for a garment with potential to become something new!


  1. this is awesome! i love how you transform a muumuu, there are so many great prints out there!!