Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tunic Dress

The Tunic Dress -- a style that has been around since Ancient Rome, and a perennial classic that is open to reinvention. Here is my own version of a tunic dress, inspired not only by the Ancient Romans, but also by the designs of modern dressmakers such as Paul Poiret (one of my all-time favorites!), who designed the tunic-style dress in the top photo. Poiret was famous for "freeing women from the corset" and other such tight clothing in favor of looser-fitting dresses that were based on draping techniques rather than tailoring and sewing. I am usually so meticulous about darts and gathers and zippers and other tailoring techniques, I also felt liberated as I created this simple dress that just pulls over the head and can be gracefully and comfortably worn by many different body types. Pair it with a belt for a night out, or wear it free-flowing anywhere you like -- that's the beauty of such a breezy and elegant design!

Available at Fabricate in Cincinnati for $65. Made from incredible vintage knit cotton.

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