Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweetheart Dress

I don't necessarily consider myself a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I love to love and be loved (and that statement applies to friends, family, my honey, my cat...), but I don't like the idea of people feeling lonely or pressured to have a date for this one day. That said, though, I will admit that I really, really like antique paper valentines and also classic black-and-white romantic movies (which oftentimes feature some of the most stunning dresses I've ever seen). Those two things put together inspired this dress, which was once a matronly secretary-style vintage dress with glimmers of potential. Let me tell you, this dress once covered every square inch of skin from chin to shin! So I got out my scissors and transformed the dress into Sweetheart Dress by creating butterfly sleeves, replacing the red skirt with a vintage knit floral fabric, and adding a handmade skirt ruffle in red around the bottom. I kept the bow tie neckline because I thought it was unique and just kinda sweet, and because I know that some ladies like a high neckline sometimes. So there you have it: Sweetheart Dress!

Sweetheart Dress measures approximately 36"-38" across the bust and the elastic waistband stretches comfortably from 32"-40" (at least). It is available at Pageboy Boutique for $75.

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