Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Edie Dress

Edie Dress is an upcycled dress that I initially found in dire disrepair and subsequently brought back to life! The beautiful 1960s-era paisley skirt fabric caught my eye because it reminded me of that transitional period in fashion between mod and psychedelic prints. I felt like this dress could really represent both periods, kind of like Edie Sedgwick did with her simple black dresses juxtaposed against her intricately exotic chandelier earrings. So I went to work on this dress, and here's what it looks like now! I completely overhauled the bodice and chopped off a large cowl neckpiece that I felt made the dress look too dated and fussy. Instead, I streamlined the neckline and added a bit of black vintage lace that is soft and elegant. I also repaired the lining and other technical details on the inside of the dress. I'm happy with the final result, and I just know that this dress will look really gorgeous on someone!

Edie Dress is lined and has a back zipper. The bust measures about 36" and the waist measures about 28". It is available for $65 at Pageboy Boutique in Pittsburgh. ~SOLD~

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  1. Fantastic Jackie! ITs gorgeous! Immaculate work as always!! XXzoe