Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Roxy Dress

The ball drops, a thousand specks of glittering silver confetti spread out over the crowd, and your sweetheart leans in to give you a New Year's kiss... for moments like this, I've conjured up the Roxy Dress, one of my favorite party dresses yet! I let the sounds of
Roxy Music and their incredible costumer/stylist Antony Price be my inspiration for this festive frock. 

Roxy Dress has a three-tier ruffled skirt that I made from complementary fabrics in flowery velvet, sparkling gold, and solid purple. The bodice is sleeveless and features flattering front and back darts as well as a black rick-rack detail around the collar. The gathered purple sash around the waist ties it all together nicely for a totally special look that will make you the belle of the ball for sure!

The bust measures about 34" and the waist about 28"-30".

Roxy Dress is available for $105 at Pageboy Boutique in Pittsburgh.

Prairie Dress

For the lady who loves walking through the tall grass of the boundless meadow: the Prairie Dress. This lovely dress is a mid-calf-length dress with a wide ruffled hemline, gathered elastic waistband and beautiful, flowing split sleeves that tie at the elbow. Simple romance. Pair it with some cowgirl boots, some turquoise and silver jewelry, and a single white rose in your hair for a truly special ensemble that is both timeless and feminine.

This dress will fit a bust size of up to 36" and the elastic waist fits 28-34".

Prairie Dress is available for $85 at Pageboy Boutique in Pittsburgh.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Crafty Exchange

I recently did a swap with one of my talented crafty friends, Lynne from Charmed By Nature, and this is what she made for me in exchange for upcycling a skirt for her!

I love my new necklace; it's truly a seamstress's dream! 
Thank you, Lynne!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goldberry Dress

Goldberry sang many songs for them, songs that began merrily in the hills and fell softly down into silence; and in the silences they saw in their minds pools and waters wider than any they had known, and looking into them they saw the sky below them and the stars like jewels in the depths.     
-J.R.R. Tolkien

Goldberry Dress is made from vintage upholstery fabric; it's a gold-and-green shimmery fabric that is really quite stunning to see up close. This is the last of it; I've used it for three projects now! The embroidered waistband is made out of a pair of suspenders that are probably from the 1960s. The tulle overskirt is a deep navy color and is absolutely my favorite part about this piece. I may go through a tulle phase this winter!

Goldberry Dress is available for $95 at Pageboy Boutique in Pittsburgh. ~SOLD~

P.S. Greetings from my studio assistant, Toody.