Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jean Genie Dress

This bright little number was inspired by my love for two great human beings: my mother and David Bowie. With its simple cut, big buttons, rick-rack trim, and paisley fabric, this dress looks a lot like something that my mother would have loved years ago when she was riding around on the back of my dad's motorcycle during their days of courtship. My mom's nickname is Jean. I'm not sure that she loves Bowie as much as I do -- she's more of an Elton John person -- but I am certain about my habit of singing "Jean Genie" to myself sometimes when I think about my mom. The song is actually about a man, but so what? This one's for you, David and Jean, though you may never know it...

With love,


Jean Genie Dress is available for purchase at Pageboy Boutique in Pittsburgh!

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