Monday, July 12, 2010

The Dottie Dress

The last time I visited my little hometown in Illinois a few months ago, my mom and husband and I went thrifting at a consignment shop run by a small group of elderly ladies who like to do things old-school. Like smoke inside the shop and write every receipt by hand and get feisty with people who ask questions. I like this place and its quirks. To my delight, in the very back of the store was a sheltered little room full of beautiful old linens. It was in that room that I found a pristine set of Dotted Swiss sheer curtains with ruffled edges. I fell in love, swooped them up into my arms, and imagined what a lovely dress those curtains might become.

And here it is: The Dottie Dress! She's available for $65 in my Etsy shop.

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