Thursday, March 18, 2010

Electric Squirrel Dress

The Electric Squirrel Dress is one of my favorites so far! It is a collaborative piece between me and another Pittsburgh artist, Mary Tremonte, who designed and hand-printed the green fabric with squirrels in multiple colors (including hot pink and electric blue, hence the name!) holding tiny sprigs of lavender in their little paws in celebration of springtime. Mary is a talented printmaker who is part of the Just Seeds art collective; check out her work here!

The dress is an original design that I came up with using my Psychedelic Star Trek Minidress sketches as a starting point. The Electric Squirrel Dress features hot pink fold-over sleeves and collar, a high waist reminiscent of women's fashion in the 1950s, and a full A-line skirt bottom. It is a size small, but can be custom-made in any size.

The Electric Squirrel Dress will be worn by Mary at the Iron City Upcyclery Trunk Show at Wild Card in Lawrenceville on March 25th, 2010!

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